Khao Lak

Pattaya Hua Hin District Khao Lak.

Khao Lak

    What is Songkran?


Songkran stands to be the most popular festival of Thailand that marks the beginning of the new solar year and the start of the summer season as well.

This year, it will officially start on April 13, (although some cities start off celebrating this festival a few days before) and the celebration continues for three to five days, based on the location.

Conventionally, friends and family celebrate Songkran by splashing water on each other in the form of a wish for a year filled with blessings and by visiting temples.

All these years, the holiday has come out to be a water fight across the nation and a great reason to party and travel. So make sure that you book in advance before you hit the road since the trains and buses along with the hotels are packed with both international and Thai Travellers during the Songkran period.

Where to Celebrate?

The residents can be seen splashing water on one another for just one day on the streets of some Thai towns hence you will have to check before you travel. Other towns carry on with the festival merriments by extending them into one week of ceremonies, concerts, water fights and other revelries.

Points To Ponder Before You Hit The Streets:

In case you are not a Songkran trouper, here are some things that you may want to consider before getting onto the streets.

Khao Lak shares this tradition – in which people eat a vegetarian diet for 10 days as a way of spiritual cleansing – with Phuket in the south. The celebrations center on Takua Pa old town. Parades trawl through the street and firecrackers are set off to draw attention to them. The date of the festival is decided by the Chinese lunar calendar


The Thai vegetarian festival is celebrated throughout the country of Thailand, especially in larger cities with higher populations of Chinese immigrants. It is celebrated in the Chinatown areas of Bangkok, known as Yaowarat, and Chiang Mai, known as Warorot. Thai people bring shrines or deities from their homes to Chinese temples to receive spiritual energy.

Thai people hang lanterns at the Chinese temples and light candles outside. Loud drums inside and outside the temples scare away evil spirits. Chinese operas perform, and vendors sell toys, fireworks, and of course, delicious vegetarian Jay food and snacks. Thai people celebrate the vegetarian festival each year for spiritual and physical cleansing, merit-making, and to create a sense of inner peace.


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