Hua Hin District

Pattaya Hua Hin District Khao Lak.

Hua Hin District

Hua Hin Safari

Hua Hin Safari is making use of village consisting of dissimilar nature trails. They offer an enormous vision of the town and a precious familiarity of interacting with wild animals. This adventure park offers elephant trekking, horse carriages, and polo, to name but a few activities. In the elephant trekking, you can ride approximately the jungle and mountains. It is an exclusive and thrilling experience which you can share with your friends or family after traveling in Thailand. It’s great about the safari tour is that they offer free pick up at your hotel, but make sure you make a booking in advance.

Opening hours: depends on reservation

Choose a Place for Relax

Black Mountain Water Park

Founded in 2011, the Black Mountain Water Park attracts locals and tourists to have fun in playing water sports. There are six pools and nine slides, all with different themes. They are intended for all ages, but the slides are designed for teenagers who are looking for enthusiasm. For a children’s adventure, the smaller slides are designed with greater protection. Finally, the elderly are also welcomed to visit the spa pool, where the bubbles are relaxing and refreshing. This is certainly a great place for families.

Opening hours: Mon-Sun 10 a.m.-6 p.m.

Wat Huay Mongkol

The religious history of Hua Hin

This temple was built to worship one of the most famous monks in Thailand, named Luang Phor Thuad. He has performed miracles in Thailand, like turning salt water into drinkable water and saving the crew on a boat journey. Locals believe that building a huge statue can protect them and their families. The status is 12 meters high and ten meters wide. Locals visit the Mongkol to ask for good fortune, health, luck, and happiness. Each side of the statue has a huge elephant, and you need to walk under the belly of an elephant for better luck.

Opening hours: Mon-Sun 5 a.m. – 10 p.m.


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