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Camp Forktail Creek is a wonderful accommodation for camping in Corbett National Park. This slice of paradise is tucked on an area enclosed by dense Sal forests. To recreate the village like feel in this dense forest the huts are built with thatched roof and typical glass-wooden windows and doors. The rooms are surrounded by deep green vegetation and will let one witness the untainted scenic view of the forest.


  • There are around 12 luxurious safari styled tents which are set on elevated wooden platforms.
  • Each tent has a separate balcony to help you enjoy your private moments with nature without getting disturbed by the outsider’s intervention.
  • The semi-tiled toilets are facilitated with cold running water where hot water can be served on demand.
  • Instead of electricity oil lanterns are used as a source of lighting at night.
  • There is a one stop dining and lounge area in the campsite premise known as Thatch – designed with locally available wood and grass where lighting is done with oil lantern.


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